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Random question of the day

Posted on: October 13, 2007

What would we know by now, if scientists hadn’t been assuming the truth of evolution and the non-existence of God for the last 150 years?


1 Response to "Random question of the day"

Fortunately, not all scientists believe in evolution — so we are still learning some interesting and important stuff. On an even more positive note, a few of the scientists I know feel that what they are learning is leading them toward God. As the Bible says, the creation does reveal God’s glory.

Of course, we wouldn’t have science at all if not for Christianity. It was the Reformation that gave people the idea that God was consistent and even common men could learn the truth about him — and about everything else. The scientific method arose directly out of the Reformation.

All that said — of course you’re right — we would have made more headway if all scientists acknowledged God’s existence — but it’s not going to happen in this world, I’m afraid.

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