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Homeschooling update

Posted on: October 23, 2007

I did indeed manage to push the button on Amazon last Thursday. I ordered Spell to Read and Write by Wanda Sanseri, which is based on the older Writing Road to Reading, by Romalda Spalding. I read lots of reviews on Amazon and elsewhere, and as usual, I found the negative reviews to be the most helpful. The only negative comments about it that I could find said that it was too rigid, too structured, needs to lighten up, etc. This is (I think) a perfect fit for my daughter. She is also too rigid and needs to lighten up. Her favorite thing to tell her little brother is “Stop doing it wrong!” I have to explain about once a week that since she is 4 and he is only 2, sometimes he can’t do things the way she wants, and she needs to be patient. I also explain (usually daily) that she is not his boss, he can do things the way he wants to, etc. Anyway, I am always on the lookout for ways to get her to lighten up, but we’re not going to take that approach with school right away. Play to their strengths, right?

So get this. I ordered it late in the afternoon on Thursday, using the free Super Saver shipping. We were supposed to see it two weeks from now if I was lucky. They shipped it Friday, and it got here yesterday afternoon. I think everyone must be saving their pennies for Christmas, and the Amazon folks don’t have lots to do. But I love that they just shipped it instead of making me wait. Amazon rocks.

As for my panic about homeschooling, I’m still fighting it. But here’s something that helps. Thanks, Shannon!


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