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BRF: Second Peter

Posted on: October 25, 2007

OK, I’m really behind here, but I read 2 Peter and I want to post about it too!

First of all, I found another of my favorite verses: chapter 1, verses 3&4. We have everything we need for life and godliness! I tend to get frustrated in my pursuit of holiness, and this verse is very encouraging. I especially need to keep it in mind when I’m not getting enough sleep. My inclination has always been that I need sleep more than anything else, and this verse tells me that God has my needs covered, whether I think so or not.

The other thing I noticed, and that needs a lot more study, is that the whole book is a little discouraging about the question of eternal security. I started to make a list of all the verses that I would have to go back and study more in-depth to look into that question, but I gave up when I realized that it was most of the book. Eventually I plan to go back and clarify my questions about it, but this week, it was on to Zechariah!

For more thoughts on 2 Peter, check out Run the Earth, Watch the Sky.


2 Responses to "BRF: Second Peter"

Hello Heidi!! Wow, I haven’t checked you out in a while I guess. I just read all your posts! 🙂 I would love to know what your plans are for spelling in homeschool. My grade 4 guy is having a wretched time because that is one thing I really let go all along thinking he would catch on because he reads everything just fine. Not so. I don’t want to make the same mistake with my other children. I’d love to know any programs you have found. Thanks,

And it’s great to see another book review up there, no matter how late it may be! I’m with you on thinking I need more sleep. I find it very hard to be a good mom when I don’t get my 8 hours in! But what you said is true, God has my needs covered. I’m going to need to remember that tomorrow since I’ve been tired for days now.
I went through 2 Peter and eternal security didn’t come up in my brain. I’ll have to go back and check it out!
Check you later,

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