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OK, I’m paying attention to my computer again. And I’m getting myself organized to start homeschooling in July. I think I’m actually going to collect my thoughts here. That seems odd – collecting your thoughts on a blog – but it’s harder to lose than a notebook. That’s a big problem for me.

Anyway, our regular subjects are going to be Bible, math, art, and phy ed. We already have storytime first thing in the morning. I stay in bed until Cinderella gets up and joins me in my bed, and then we read stories until we’re too hungry to continue. It’s the only time of day that she wants to sit still for books. So we read, and talk about the stories, and it’s a great time. (BTW, I updated my “About me” page to explain the pseudonyms. Cinderella is my 4yo daughter.)

I’m exploring our options for phy ed, and I have mostly figured out how math is going to work, but I still need a plan for Bible and art. Does anyone have resources to recommend for those subjects?

You may have noticed that reading and writing instruction are not included. That is because Cinderella can sound out most of the words in any kids’ book (though she needs help with some vowel combinations), and what is left is just to practice. I encourage that in bits and pieces throughout the day, which I think is more effective (and fun) than one concentrated burst of effort. I am not including writing practice right now because all of the motor skills that would be practiced by writing letters can also be practiced by drawing and painting. Cinderella is such an artistic child that the practice will be a lot more fun that way.

Once I get the plan for our main subjects figured out, I’m toying with doing science experiments once a week, and I’m thinking about adding geography eventually, and I want to find out if I think unit studies would be both fun and useful. And I’m trying to decide if I want to do some kind of Letter-of-the-week thing; both kids already know the alphabet, so I’m not sure how useful it would be.

P.S. I’m also considering throwing in Spanish.


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