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Can’t get your kids to listen to you? I bet this would work, but not all of us have the talent.

Do you miss Frogger and Space Invaders? Get your fix here.

If you’re stuck for April Fool’s ideas next spring, try this.

What’s really frightening about this is that these people probably have drivers’ licenses. But it’s still funny.

Gourmet crochet. Need I say more?


It’s Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer, and here’s what works for me – having my kids entertain themselves online by learning to read. Starfall is a free website that starts with letters and the sounds they make, and moves up to words, then complete stories for kids (There’s even one about the Trojan horse!). My children (ages 5 and 3) love it. I won’t tell you the computer taught them to read, because I’ve done a fair bit about it myself, along with my husband and our parents. But the kids love it, and it’s phonics, so it’s more profitable than some of the other choices.

If  you’d like more great ideas than you can shake a stick at, go see Rocks in My Dryer.

This is a wastebasket (for non-icky things) to go under my computer desk. It’s tapestry crochet, made by holding 3 strands of yarn together, but only letting two of them show at any given time, and varying which two to get the hearts pattern.

This began life as a sweater for Cinderella (now 5yo), designed to be the same size as a t-shirt that fits her perfectly. This was the first time I have made up a crochet pattern myself, so I’m not sure what happened, but it ended up being way, way too long. So I decided to add a ruffle and make it into a dress. But now the whole thing is heavy enough that the stiches at the top get pretty stretched out. So I guess she’ll be wearing it over something.

These are mesh bags made by holding two strands of crochet thread together.  I’m pretty sure they were the same size at one time, so it’s weird that the pink one is now bigger. Maybe it’s because that one holds pool toys. Anyway, here’s the link for the pattern. About.com has all kinds of wonderful crochet patterns.

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