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But you thought I did, didn’t you? Fall gets crazy around here – we have 2 birthdays and an anniversary the same week as Thanksgiving, and I get worn out just thinking about it starting about the first of November.

I just got the best free massage money can’t buy. I dared to lay down on a bed, and my two kids (roughly 35 pounds each) climbed all over me for 15 minutes. I feel like a new woman. Alas, it all ended when one pushed the other and the other got hurt.


Pink is not generally my favorite color, but I’m making the switch for the month of October. Our pastor’s first wife died of breast cancer at 38. I find this quite alarming, since I am now 38. I’m making everything pink, and I added some links, most notably the one where you can help provide free mammograms by clicking on their link. So go click on it; you won’t get any popup ads or other nastiness.

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