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I’m reading it for my book club, and it’s bringing back my childhood so strongly that it’s almost overwhelming. As a teenager it may well have been favorite book, for many reasons: the imagination and magic in it, for the metaphors it has (more about that later), but mostly because I identified so much with Meg, and there was hope for her, so maybe there was hope for me. I never fit in very well anywhere, and I could never figure out if I was special or just odd. I had enough in common with Meg that I could hope I was special like she was.

Even as an adult, I still wonder if I am as different from average as I feel like I am. Maybe everyone feels this way, since we are all unique, after all. Certain parts of our society (think high school) value conformity so much that they remind me of the the town on Camazotz, where entire categories of people do exactly the same thing at precisely the same time, acting like they’re robots even though they’re not. Many people, even outside of high school, conform to what they perceive as the norm, and so our society is less varied than it might be if everyone were to just be themselves.


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