Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely

Things I’d like to do someday

learn to fly planes

learn a really different language – Japanese, Russian, Greek, maybe Sanskrit?

learn p-chem, because I was scared of it in college

understand and appreciate classical music

read the Great Books

learn to appreciate fiction

learn to do sculpture

spend a week in the wilderness, hiking or canoeing or seakayaking

hike down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon (and back out, of course!)

hike up and down Pike’s Peak (that’s 26 miles – a marathon)

take amazing pictures, in terms of composition, color saturation, focus, etc.

read biographies: Ben Franklin, Laura Bush, Teddy Roosevelt, Napoleon, Florence Nightingale, Aristotle, Jonathan Edwards, Sarah Edwards, other people who were good wives and mothers

take some risks

learn to make embroidery and beading work together

learn woodcarving


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